Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi everyone! This is my new blog channel thingie and im going to link this to my youtube account so all my youtube friends can follow me on here as well if they would like to :). I'll probably put similar things on here that I do on my youtube account or upcoming videos but also some fresh stuff that I'll keep mainly for my blog. Things like updates and little things that wouldnt make such an amazing video but I would still like to share with you guys! :)
<3special thanks to my boyfriend for surprising me by making this account and creating such a pretty layout!, i love you baby :)<3

so thank you for reading this and i hope you follow my blog!

talk to you soon


  1. Hi Jenny!
    Welcome to the world of bloggers&thanx 4following my blog! ;)
    Kiss from Italy


    check out my blog xxx